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This is a wonderful business

Posted on August 12, 2013

Kristen P.,


This is a wonderful business.  I shattered my iPhone 4s and the screen was in horrible condition.  I brought it into the store and was immediately greeted with friendliness.  The woman started to repair my iPhone immediately and it only cost $85 and she was finished within 25 minutes.  It is an insanely fair deal considering the Apple Store wanted $150 to replace the entire phone and would have to ship out my phone and Radio Shack wanted $140 and to ship out my phone.  This was a 25 minute wait with astonishing results!

I would highly recommend to anyone to bring in their electronics to this store.  I was completely satisfied and would bring back any other product.  My iPhone screen looks completely brand new.

Bonus! There is a 3month warranty as well!!

If you're looking to get your phone or any other electronic fixed, take it here!! You will NOT be disappointed!

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