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Corporate Plan

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Technology is a critical component to conduct business nowadays. The most useful - PCs, Tablets, and Mobile Smartphones are all tools that allow you to communicate faster, produce with more power, and execute with flawless planning and precision. When these tools breakdown, you can be demobilized often having expensive replacement costs to get you back in motion.

Before your company unnecessarily spend more money on new devices, it would be more efficient to have the devices repaired by Fix Phone Land. We can perform every possible electronic repair at extremely reasonable prices. The staff at Fix Phone Land specializes in repairing all types of mobile phones, tablets.. You can rely on us to avoid downtime and keep your company’s productivity high.

No matter what type of devices your company uses, we honor a Corporate Account discount of 10% off the regular price on repair devices and 25% off the regular price for accessories.

We could treat your company employees the same way: if they would like to repair their own devices, we will honor the 10% repair discount and 25% accessories discount even if the company does not pay for it. Just verify their employment and discounts are theirs.

Just contact us by the phone 414-332-3220 or email support@fixphoneland.com to get an estimate for the repair.

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