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iPhone 3G /3GS Repair


iPhone 3 / 3GS Repair Milwaukee, WI 
Did you break your iPhone 3G/3GS front glass? Or did your iPhone 3G/3GS stop working and you are not sure what the problem is?

Don't worry, we can help! Just bring your device to our store and we will give you a FREE DIAGNOSTIC AND ESTIMATE for repair.

Then we could fix it while you wait and you will get your phone back in as little as 20 minutes as good as new!

All of our repairs include a 90 day parts and labor warranty.  We strongly recommend to back up your device to iClouds or your computer before you bring it in for repair.

Our Customer Loyalty Program - you will receive 20% discount on any accessories and 10% discount on any further repairs - our way to say "thank you for being our customer".


Estimated Price*
Required Time
Front Screen Replacement $39.99 20 minutes
LCD Replacement $39.99 20 minutes
Front Screen and LCD Replacement $69.99 20 minutes
Back Replacement $54.99 60 minutes
Battery Replacement $39.99 30 minutes
Buttons, Cables, Doc connector etc. Repair from $39.99 from 20 minutes


Please keep in mind - we only carry certain parts in stock so additional time for parts to arrive could be required.


*All prices, specifications and availability subject to change. There are always new coupons, deals and discounts available.

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